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  1. no left/right turn 禁止向左/向右转

  2. keep safe 保证安全

  3. walk on the street 走在路上

  4. get hurt 受伤

  5. lose one’s life (lives) 丧生

  6. in traffic accidents 在交通事故中

  7. obey the traffic rules 遵守交通规则

  8. cross the street = go across the street 过马路

  9. see the green ―walk‖ sign 看见绿灯行的标志

  10. look both ways 看两边

  11. look left/ right 看左边/右边

  12. play on the street 在街上玩耍

  13. be careful 要小心

  14. be good to do sth 做某事是好的

  15. a ticket for speeding 一张超速驾驶的罚单

  16. a ticket for drunk-driving 一张酒后驾车的罚单

  17. a ticket for parking in the wrong place 一张乱停车罚单

  18. a ticket for making a wrong turn 一张错转弯罚单

  19. drive too fast 开车太快

  20. drive after drinking 酒后驾车

  21. miss sth 错过某物

  22. miss sb 想念某人

  23. talk about 谈论

  24. talk with sb. 和某人交谈

  25. after class 课后

  26. a big fan of sb. 某人的超级粉丝

  27. be born 出生

  28. next Sunday 下个周日

  29. plan to do 计划做某事

  30. have a birthday party 举办生日聚会

  31. a model plane 一个飞机模型

  32. use sth. for doing/ use sth to do sth 用来做

  33. cook a big dinner 做一顿丰盛的晚餐

  34. buy a birthday cake 买个生日蛋糕

  35. in January/February/March/April/May/June/July/August/

  36. September/October/November/December 在一至十二月

  37. on May 22nd 月22日

  38. a present for Kangkang’s birthday给康康的生日礼物

  39. at Kangkang’s birthday party 在康康的生日聚会上

  40. play the piano/guitar 弹钢琴/吉他

  41. sing some songs 唱些歌

  42. dance to disco 跳迪斯科

  43. perform ballet 表演芭蕾舞

  44. have a good time 过得很痛快

  45. take photos 拍照

  46. draw pictures 画画

  47. read English books 看英文书

  48. make model planes 制作模型飞机

  49. happy birthday to you 祝你生日快乐

  50. take sth. to… 把某物带到…


  1. so many flowers/so much food 这么多的花/这么多的食物

  2. so smart 如此聪明

  3. count them for me 为我把它们数一下

  4. do….very well 做得非常好

  5. just a little 就一些,只有一些

  6. one year ago 一年前

  7. fly a kite/fly kites 放风筝

  8. in the past 在过去

  9. last year/next year去年/明年

  10. live in London住在伦敦

  11. at the age of five在五岁时

  12. a few words一些单词

  13. There was something wrong with……有问题

  14. not….any more不再,再也不

  15. with sb’s help =with the help of sb在某人的帮助下

  16. her first book她的第一本书

  17. want to be…. 想要成为……

  18. perform some magic tricks表演魔术

  19. enjoy oneself=have a good time玩得高兴

  20. program list节目单

  21. guitar/piano playing 吉他/钢琴表演

  22. miss the chair/train错过椅子/火车

  23. hurt oneself 弄伤自己

  24. at once=right away 立刻,马上

  25. wash one’s hands 洗手

  26. last night/year/month/Sunday 昨晚/去年/上个月/上星期天

  27. next time/year/month/Sunday 下次/明年/下个月/下星期天

  28. get home 到家

  29. tell sb. to do sth. 告诉某人做某事

  30. come back home 回家来

  31. at/in one’s home 在某人家里

  32. forget sb. /sth./to do sth 忘记某人/某物/做某事

  33. food and drinks 食物和饮料

  34. each of us/the students我们/学生中的每一个

  35. make sth. by hand手工制作某物

  36. sit around sb./sth.围着某人/某物坐

  37. make a wish许愿

  38. blow out吹灭

  39. perform Chinese Kung fu表演中国功夫 celebrate sth. with sb.和某人庆祝

  40. the Musical Chair Game抢椅子游戏

  41. lose a game输掉比赛

  42. have a wonderful party举办一个美妙的派对

  43. shout to sb. 朝某人大喊

  44. go to climb hills去爬山

  45. watch a soccer game看一场足球赛

  46. have a big dinner吃一顿大餐

  47. fall down摔倒

  48. in spring /summer/fall/winter在春/夏/秋/冬

  49. learn to swim学游泳

  50. nice and bright=very bright非常明亮


  1. in the center of the yard 在院子中央

  2. in the garden 在花园

  3. under the bed 在床下

  4. next to/ besides the garden 在花园旁边

  5. near the window 在窗户附近

  6. in front of the classroom 在教室前面(自身以外)

  7. in the front of the classroom 在教室前面(内部)

  8. behind the house 在教室后面(自身以外)

  9. at the back of the classroom 在教室后面(内部)

  10. so many +可数名词复数/so much +不可数名词 这么多

  11. go upstairs / downstairs 上下楼

  12. come in 进来

  13. talk about 谈论

  14. tell…about 告诉某人某事

  15. write to sb 给某人写信

  16. put it/ them away 把……收拾好/放好

  17. look after 照顾/保管

  18. and so on 等等

  19. help my father clean the study 帮助我爸打扫书房

  20. love playing on the computer 喜欢玩下载app送18元彩金大全

  21. community service center 社区服务中心

  22. in our area 在我们的地区

  23. call sb for help 打电话向某人求助

  24. many families with young children 带年轻小孩的许多家庭

  25. do sports 做运动

  26. sports center 运动中心

  27. have a colorful life 拥有五彩缤纷的生活

  28. be kind to each other 对彼此很友好

  29. move from the countryside to cities 从乡村搬到城市

  30. the cost of living 生活的费用

  31. miss country life 想念乡村生活

  32. go along 沿着

  33. to the end 直到尽头

  34. on your left/right 在你的左边/右边

  35. at the third crossing 在第三个十字路口

  36. turn left/right 向左转/向右转

  37. the way to 去……的路

  38. go across the bridge 跨过桥

  39. be across from 在…..的对面

  40. between …and 在……和…..之间

  41. on the corner of… 在……的拐角处

  42. walk on 继续走

  43. 15 kilometers away from here 离这儿15千米

  44. need to do sth 需要做某事

  45. take Bus No.718= take the No. 718 bus 乘坐718路公交车

  46. change to… 转乘……

  47. how far 多远

  48. public telephone 公用电话

  49. traffic lights 交通灯

  50. no parking 禁止停车


  1. love swimming 喜欢游泳

  2. play a guessing game 玩竞猜游戏

  3. next class 下节课

  4. class meeting 班会

  5. computer science 计算机科学

  6. every week 每周

  7. learn about 了解

  8. work on math problems 做数学题

  9. talk about 谈论

  10. a map of China 中国地图

  11. my favorite outdoor activity 我最喜爱的户外运动

  12. do outdoor activities 做户外活动

  13. Between...and... 二者之间

  14. from... to... 从...到....

  15. different kinds of stamps 不同种的邮票

  16. be kind to sb. 对某人友善

  17. learn a lot from... 向...学习很多

  18. on Tuesdays 在每周二

  19. a little difficult 有点难

  20. some other subjects 其他一些科目

  21. in the school hall 在学习大厅

  22. go out for a walk 出去散步

  23. get up late 起床晚

  24. on the first/second floor 在一/二楼

  25. on the wall/in the wall 在墙上(表面)/(嵌入)

  26. on the shelf 在书架上

  27. on the left/ right of the yard 在院子左/右边

  28. on the tree 在树上(树上结出的花,叶,果)

  29. in the tree 在树上(外来物)

  30. in your study 在书房

  31. all(the)year around 一年到头

  32. a pair of 一双

  33. on your holiday 在你的假期

  34. prepare well for 为…做好准备

  35. keep you safe 保持你安全

  36. share the fun 分享乐趣

  37. put on 穿上

  38. stay in the sun 待在阳光下

  39. swim alone 独自游泳

  40. keep away from 远离

  41. cook in the mountains 在山里做饭

  42. arrive in/at 到达大地点/小地点

  43. be different from 与…在一起

  44. help sb.(to )do sth. 帮助某人做某事

  45. take the right clothing 带合适的服装

  46. dangerous places 危险的地方

  47. keep together with 和…在一起

  48. climb a mountain 爬高山

  49. the Spring Festival 春节

  50. perform lion and dragon dances 舞龙舞狮


  1. climb hills 爬山

  2. make snowmen/make a snowman 堆雪人

  3. It’s hard to say 很难说

  4. remember to do sth. 记住去做某事

  5. put on 穿;戴

  6. go outside=go out 出去

  7. the lowest temperature 最低温度

  8. the highest temperature 最高温度

  9. summer holidays 暑假

  10. had better do sth. 最好做某事

  11. had better not do sth. 最好不要做某事

  12. know about 知道,了解

  13. in most parts of China 在中国大部分地区

  14. need to do sth. 需要做某事

  15. later on 以后,后来,随后

  16. get fine/warm 变好/转晴

  17. come back to life 苏醒,复苏,复活

  18. come out 开花;出版;发行

  19. be busy doing sth. 忙于做某事

  20. perform Beijing Opera 表演京剧

  21. right away=at once 立刻;马上

  22. fall from 从……落下

  23. take a walk 散步

  24. have a short rest 休息一会儿

  25. wear warm clothes 穿保暖的衣服

  26. on your holidays 在你的假期

  27. the best time to go there 去那儿的最佳时间

  28. wear sunglasses/a T-shirt and shorts 戴太阳镜/穿T-恤衫和短裤

  29. return in March 三月份回来

  30. turn green 变绿

  31. turn windy an cloudy 变得有风和阴天

  32. come after 在……之后来

  33. the harvest season 收获的季节

  34. last from…to… 从……持续到……

  35. see sb. doing 看见某人正在做某事

  36. get back home 回到家

  37. change a lot 多变

  38. take some pictures/photos 照相

  39. blow strongly 猛烈地吹

  40. rain heavily 下大雨

  41. shine brightly 明亮地照耀

  42. rain suddenly 突然下雨

  43. go back to 返回

  44. get together with sb. 与某人团聚

  45. some places of interest 一些名胜

  46. each of you 你们中的每一个人

  47. go for a holiday 度假

  48. go on a holiday 度假

  49. go on a trip=take a trip 去旅游

  50. the best time to do sth. 做某事的最好时候


  1. at the school gate 在校门口

  2. by bike/car/bus/subway(underground)/train/plane/ship/boat/on foot骑自行车,坐小汽车,坐公交车,坐地铁,坐火车,坐飞机,坐轮船,坐小船,步行

  3. take the subway home=go home by subway 坐地铁回家

  4. walk to the park=go to the park on foot 步行去公园

  5. ride a bike to school=go to school by bike 骑自行车去上学

  6. take a bus to the zoo=go to the zoo by bus 坐公交车去动物园

  7. come on 快点,加油

  8. on weekdays 在工作日

  9. know about 了解

  10. the school life of American students 美国学生们的校园生活

  11. In one’s free time 在某人的空闲时间

  12. play basketball/soccer 打篮球/踢足球

  13. do one’s homework 做某人的作业

  14. see a film/movie 看电影

  15. Listen to music 听音乐

  16. for a short time 一会儿

  17. after school 放学后

  18. be over 结束

  19. have no more time 没有更多的时间

  20. talk to sb. 和某人谈话

  21. come to library 来图书馆

  22. get home 到家

  23. go to bed 去睡觉

  24. go swimming 去游泳

  25. how often 多久一次

  26. once/twice/three times a week 一周一次/两次/三次

  27. at about five o’clock 在大约五点钟

  28. a quarter past five=five fifteen 五点十五分

  29. half past five=five thirty 五点三十分

  30. a quarter to six=five forty-five 五点四十五分

  31. be different from 与......不同

  32. on the playground 在操场上

  33. in the swimming pool 在游泳池里

  34. on the shelf/shelves(复数) 在书架上

  35. like ... best=favorite 最喜欢

  36. on time 准时

  37. at school/home/table 在学校/家里/桌旁

  38. over there 在那边

  39. the Great Wall 长城

  40. of course=sure 当然

  41. have an English class/lesson 上英语课

  42. Thank you anyway. / Thank you all the same. 仍然感谢你

  43. at the Lost and Found 在失物招领处

  44. on the telephone 通过电话

  45. play cards 打牌

  46. do some cleaning 打扫

  47. ID card 身份证

  48. show sb. around 带某人参观

  49. have a soccer game 进行足球比赛

  50. write a letter 写信

  51. clean the blackboard 擦黑板

  52. at the back of 在......后面(内部)

  53. draw pictures 画画

  54. in a computer room/teachers office/classroom building/gym/library/lab/dining hall 在下载app送18元彩金大全室;教师办公室;教学楼;健身房;图书馆;实验室;食堂

  55. make cards 制作卡片

  56. look for 寻找

  57. run around the playground 绕着操场跑

  58. a few students=some students 一些学生

  59. read English newspapers 看英语报纸

  60. the Lantern Festival 元宵节

  61. the Mid-autumn Festival 中秋节

  62. Mother’s Day 母亲节

  63. Teacher’s Day 教师节

  64. International Labor Day 国际劳动节

  65. National Day 国庆节

  66. the Dragon Boat Festival 龙舟节(端午节)

  67. get together 聚在一起

  68. come back to life 复活

  69. be busy preparing for it 忙于准备它

  70. a big event 大事件

  71. on the eve of 在……的前夕

  72. play tricks on sb. 捉弄某人

  73. watch the national flag go up 看国旗升起

  74. knock on sb.’s doors 敲门

  75. lucky money 压岁钱

  76. give my best wishes to your parents 给你们的父母亲我最好的祝愿









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