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  Middleweight bicycles often get confused with balloon tire bikes.


  He beguiled me into lending him my bicycle.


  I promise to return your bicycle on good condition.


  It's luckless, I lost my bicycle in the morning and my wallet was stolen in the afternoon!


  This hill is too steep to ride up on a bicycle.


  I taught her to ride a bicycle.


  Cycling races racing include track events and road events.


  Indexed shifting bicycles flew out of the bike stores.


  I got a flat tire of the rear wheel of my bicycle.

  The company manufactures a range of innovative light-weight cycles. 这家公司生产一系列的新型轻便自行车。

  More people would be attracted to cycling if conditions were right. 如果天气适宜,会有更多的人被吸引到骑自行车的行列中来。

  The train's average speed was no better than that of our bicycles. 火车的平均速度比我们骑自行车的速度快不了多少。

  I was riding on the back of a friend's bicycle. 我当时坐在一个朋友的自行车后座上。

  All the ferries carry bicycles free or for a nominal charge. 所有的渡船都免费或以极低的收费运载自行车。

  Recently I've started to do a lot of walking and cycling. 最近我开始经常散步和骑自行车。

  The bike has style, it has looks, it has its little idiosyncrasies. 这辆自行车品质一流,外观漂亮,有一些细节之处与众不同。

  The bicycle reigned supreme as Britain's most popular mode of transport. 当时自行车是英国最流行的交通工具。

  Eddie parked his cycle against a lamp post and padlocked it. 埃迪把他的自行车靠在路灯柱上,用挂锁锁好。

  A cyclist crashed when he touched wheels with another rider. 一个骑车人与另一辆自行车车轮相碰后摔倒在地。

  He shouldered his bike and walked across the finish line. 他扛着自行车走过了终点线。

  Each year they compete in a prominent statewide bicycle race. 每年他们都要参加著名的全州自行车大赛。

  "I started fixin' up ole bicycles fer poor kids." “我开始为穷孩子修理旧自行车。”

  His favourite childhood pursuits were sailing, swimming and cycling. 儿时他最大的爱好是帆船运动、游泳和骑自行车。

  Her own preferred methods of exercise are hiking and long cycle rides. 她自己喜欢徒步旅行和骑自行车长途旅行这样的运动方式。

  I am not keen for her to have a bicycle. 我不太放心她有辆自行车。

  Cars can be stolen almost as easily as knocking off a bike. 偷汽车几乎能和偷自行车一样容易。

  Cycling is good exercise. It strengthens all the muscles of the body. 骑自行车是一项不错的锻炼方式。它能使身体各部分的肌肉更强健。

  The catalog includes helpful information on the different bike models available. 目录中包括了在售的各种型号自行车的有用信息。

  Sightseeing is best done either by tour bus or by bicycles. 最好是乘坐旅游巴士或骑自行车观光。


  NOVELS about sport are notoriously hard to pull off. It seems somewhat odd for a literary mind to care how often a ball makes it to the back of the net or how long it takes to sprint down a track. Yet that need not be so. The classic quest narrative-in which an individual overcomes obstacles to achieve a goal-could be a template for any single match or sporting career. "Gold", Chris Cleave's third novel, is a skilful demonstration of the form.


  This is the story of Zoe, Kate and Jack, three obsessive race cyclists who meet as young hopefuls. There is bike geekery and Lycra aplenty. As the title suggests, Mr Cleave even dares to set his story around the Olympics, the ultimate sporting circus. Yet this is no niche book for aficionados looking for a brief summer distraction.


  Instead, cycling is the backdrop for a deeper exploration of the struggle between the physical and the psychological. Into the love triangle and professional exertions Mr Cleave throws eight-year-old Sophie, diagnosed with leukaemia only days before the Olympics and fighting a different type of battle to the finish.


  At times the book seems slightly sentimental. Sophie and Kate are a little too good to be true; Zoe a bit too deranged and calculating. Yet "Gold" works as a novel because Mr Cleave manages to make the reader care about what it takes to win-or even to take part.


  The small details speak loudly. As the story opens, Zoe stands terrified as 5,000 people chant her name-yet she is equally frightened that one day they may stop. On another occasion she lingers and stares at Kate's bike before a race and implants the idea that something could be wrong; she wins the mental advantage, and the quicker start. By such tiny glances and irrecoverable moments lives are changed, a lesson that reaches beyond sport. The moment of winning a gold medal, by contrast, can almost seem disappointing.


  Mr Cleave knows what makes a good story. Here, his concern is not with macho physicality or crossing a line, but with the endless and enduring human endeavours: love, death and what is left when hopes and dreams are crushed or fulfilled. A book to savour long after the Olympic games are over.









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